Top Usage Guide How to send money

How to send money

In order to send money through RupeeSend, you need to become our member via online or by visiting our branch.

  • Member Registration
  • Send Money (Member)
  • 1Apply Online

    Input your beneficiary information and sending amount.

    Remittance Calculator

    2Bank transfer to RupeeSend

    Make payment via bank transfer to RupeeSend account, and submit required documents online.

    Fees and payment

    3Reference Number

    RupeeSend will send you the reference number by e-mail or SMS. Please tell the reference number to your beneficiary.


    Your beneficiary can collect cash at RupeeSend branches or agents throughout Nepal.
    In case of account deposit, just simply wait for 45 minutes, and the sent amount will be credited to your beneficiary's account.

    How to receive

    5SMS notification

    RupeeSend will send you an SMS when your receiver collects at a counter or it is credited to the bank account.