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New Start in Nepal Remittance

What is RupeeSend?

Rupeesend, is a money transfer service operated by a Korean government authorized remittance company (License No. MSOF 2017-03).

Fast, Reliable, and Cost Effective!
Low-Cost and Excellent Exchange Rate.

We strive to offer the most competitive service fee, because we believe sending money should be more affordable, accessible, and even enjoyable.
Please enjoy our hassle-free remittance service!

Our affiliated company in Nepal

Rupeesend has established a comprehensive service network covering all 14 zones of Nepal through affiliation with Sansar Remit pvt.Ltd, licensed by the Central Bank of Nepal. Currently, more than 6,000 receiving bank locations are available throughout Nepal.(*1)for receiving remittance amount. In case of cash pickup, beneficiary can receive his/her money within 10 minutes after completion of remittance.(*2) In most cases our bank account deposit service will be processed within 45 minutes to most banks in Nepal.
*1:Please refer to our website or affiliated company's website regarding available receiving locations in Nepal.
*2:Depending on remittance method and opening hours of branch offices/agents in Nepal, handling conditions may take several hours to three business days

3 Merits of using RupeeSend

  • Point 1. Authorized Service
  • Point 2. Easy & Convenient
  • Point 3. Low Fee, Best Rate
Authorized service approved by both Korean and Nepalese governments!
RupeeSend aims to establish a service system that complies with laws and regulations of both Korea and Nepal.
Moreover, full amount of your sending fund is guaranteed by the governments.
※ C-Square Korea Inc. MOSF License No. 2017-03
Convenient service offered both online or offline!
You can register and place orders from our online site any time.
If you feel like talking to one of our Nepalese staffs please come to our counter.
Cost effective service with low fee and the best rate
Our fee is 5,000 KRW flat, and if you are a student please enjoy our 50% discount offers.
Please remember that RupeeSend is always striving to offer you with the best rate!

Product Overview

Remittance currency

Nepali Rupees(NRP)

Remittance Charge

5,000 Won

(50% off for students)

Maximum Remittance amount

5,000 USD per order, 50,000 USD per year

※In case of cash pickup at counter, the maximum amount is 200,000 Nepalese Rupee

Minimum Remittance amount

10,000 Won

Exchange rate

Rate shown our web site is subject to change. The actual rate at order processing will be applied.

* The rate posted on our website is provided for your reference.

Delivery Methods

1. Depositing money to banks located throughout Nepal (Account Deposit)

2. Cash pickup at affiliated bank counter, Sansar Remit service counter (Cash payout)

Basic Requirements of Customers

We provide our service for customer who meets the following conditions and agrees to our terms and conditions.

(1) Customer who registers as a RupeeSend member by completing our ID verification process.

(2) Customer who has valid VISA period left on the day of order.

Membership Duration / Cancellation

Once you register as our member, there is no due date in your membership.

No cancellation fee/charge is required to deactivate your membership.

Cancellation of remittance

Remittance amount that hasn't been collected by the beneficiary can be cancelled.
If the remittance status is "payment in process", you can apply cancellation from the transaction history page.
For any other status, please contact RupeeSend Customer Center.

In case of canceling after the status of "payment confirmed", RupeeSend remittance fee and charges will not be returned

Details on cancellation charge

Order Processing Time

1. Account deposit: Mostly within the day of transaction, but maximum of 2 business days if the beneficiary's financial institution does not have any branches in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur(Patan).

2. Cash pickup: Receivable after 10 minutes from processing of transaction.
* We will immediately notify you with the completion of remittance.

Required documents

- Please submit both front and back copies of your ID and a copy of the first page of your passbook for membership registration.

- Please submit a copy of the bank slip or the page in your passbook that shows you had made your payment for order processing.

- Depending on remittance amount, number of times, purpose of remittance, etc., we may ask you to submit additional documents.

Other Information

In the case of Cash Payout, it is necessary that your beneficiary bring the 'reference number' and his/her ID, please notify your beneficiary of the 'reference number'.