Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The service description is provided to guide customers on overseas remittance service provided by a remittance company, together with "Terms of Use", as regulated by Foreign Exchange Act.

Restrictions on Remittance

1. All remittance transactions shall be made under real name.
2. Single remittance transaction can not exceed USD 5,000.
3. Annual remittance transaction total can not exceed USD 50,000.
4. Company can only accept sending funds through a designated bank account.

Disclosure of Information

5. Company must disclose fee details to its customers.
6. Company must disclose FX rate to its customers.
7. Company must disclose actual receiving amount in foreign currency to its customers.
8. Company must disclose methods of filing, processing, and notifying complaints to its customers.

Order Modification and Cancellation

9. Customers can modify or cancel unprocessed orders.


10. Company shall be liable for ordinary damages caused by itself and for special damages it has acknowledged or could have acknowledged.
11. If an order has not be completed within 15 days after payment completion, Company has to refund the full amount.

Record Keeping

12. Company shall keep transactional records for 5 years.
13. Company shall not provide customer's information to a 3rd party, nor use it for purposes other than remittance.


14. Company shall provide a copy of its "Terms of Use" to its customers and explain when requested.


Revised 17th, July, 2017

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