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Privacy Policy

C-Square Korea Inc. (Hereinafter, referred to as 'Company') has a vision to contribute to the information-oriented society by building a trusting relationship with customers through its solutions and services. Regarding customers' personal information protection, Company will respect Personal Information Protection Act by conforming to the relevant local laws and ordinances and shall manage in accordance with the rules set forth by this Privacy Policy and continuously review and enhance its privacy management system.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

Company will use its customers' personal information for the following purposes
1. To register and manage members online
2. To provide its remittance service
3. To plan marketing and advertisement
4. To perform its duty regulated by various laws and provisions

Record Keeping Period

Company will keep its customer's personal information for the period required by various laws.
1. Member information : 3 months ~ 5 years
2. ID verification records : 5 years
3. Transaction records : 5 years
4. Sanction lists : as requested by relevant laws
Company will also gather cookies from its customers' browsers for certain period of time.

3rd Party Usage

Company will not provide personal information to any third party in principle, unless the customer has agreed to such use in a manner compliant to clause 17 and 18 of Person Information Protection Act, or it is authorized by the laws.
Nonetheless, Company will provide its customers' personal information to Shinhan Bank and Sansar Remit to process remittance orders from the customers.

Customers' Rights

Customer has the rights to view, correct, delete, and suspend usage of its personal information through written notice, e-mail, and FAX.

Destruction of Personal Information

Once the record keeping period is over, Company will destruct all personal information within 5 days.

Security Measures

Company will maintain and manage personal information with rational security measures, including :
1. Periodical internal audit
2. Limiting and thoroughly educating staffs who handle personal information
3. Planning and executing internal management scheme
4. Deploying IT security technologies to guard from hacking attempts
5. Keeping access logs to personal information
6. Blocking unauthorized access and change to personal information
7. Data encryption
8. Locking cabinets where paper materials are stored
9. Blocking unauthorized person entering into its office zone

Personal Information Protection Manager

Responsible manager : Seo MinKyeong(Director and head of compliance, 02-6958-7074,
Responsible business unit : Compliance Department, 02-6958-7074,

Complaints or Consultations on Personal Information

Visit,, for more details on how to issue complaints.


Revised 1st, July, 2017

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