Top RupeeSend Service

RupeeSend Service

Reasonable feeReasonable fee
Flat fee of 5,000 won.
If you are a student you get 50% off!


KRW 1 - about 3,300,000


Best RateBest Rate
RupeeSend provides the best exchange rate by its partnership with Nepalese megabank, NMB Bank.
Account Deposit
You can remit directly to all bank accounts in Nepal. For most banks order will be processed within 45 minutes.
Cash PayoutCash Payout
Remittance to those without a bank account is also possible! Please inform the beneficiary of the reference number that we send by e-mail or SMS to you. Send amount is limited upto 200000 NPR for a single transaction. Your beneficiary will receive within 10 minutes.
SMS / e-mail NotificationSMS and E-Mail Notification
We will inform you of order status by SMS or e-mail when it completes.
You can check the order status any time. Please feel free to contact our customer center.
Easy remittanceOnline service available
Easy remittance anytime, anywhere from your computer, smartphone, tablet. You can order online easily.
RewardsMembership rewards
You can collect stamps for orders completed, or through friend introduction. When you collect 10 stamps, you will get a free remittance coupon.
Licensed Remittance CompanyAuthorized Remittance Company
RupeeSend is operated by Remittance licensed company, C-Square Korea Inc. (License No. 2017-3) authorized by Korean government. Moreover, our partner Sansar Remit is also authorized by the Nepalese Rasta Bank.